Lukmane Shifa Oil
Shifa Oil is an untapped natural resource and currently is where aspirin was in the early 1900's." It is a healthy, complex, topical, which contains a natural anti-inflammatory properties due to its high level of natural Sulphur and Magnesium ( like garlic or hot streams) substances, your body uses to ease muscle ache and joint pain which provides a local anti-inflammatory effect, and is trans-dermal so it can be used topically. In addition to reducing swelling and stiffness in joints, it reduces bruising and muscle pain. It also appears to promote faster healing with less pain, as well as irritation and inflammation associated with most joint conditions. It has the ability has to increase concentration of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), that is vital in the body's communication between cells to help eliminate pain. It is the only form of magnesium that is 100% bioavailable.

Common Uses of Shifa Oil

Arthritis Pain and Stiffness - Rheumatism - Joint or Muscle Pain and Stiffness

Growing Pains - Osteopena- Osteoporosis - Increase Mobility - Prevent Soreness

Aches - Swelling - Tendonitis - Bursitis - Muscle Cramps - Induces Sleep

Eases High blood Pressure - Sprains - Strains - Anti-Inflammatory - Migraine attack

Eases Cramps - Eases Asthma Attacks - Peyronie’s disease - Anti-depressant


One of the most remarkable attributes of Shifa Oil is its effectiveness in comforting stiff muscles and joints. Shifa Oil is known for its success on Arthritis pain as well as its ability to heal sprains and bruises caused by sports and other activities. The fact that it is natural and has the ability to provide relief WITHOUT any known SIDE-EFFECTS, thereby furnishing tremendous advantage over other drug related treatments.

In brief

  • Shifa Therapy is a natural anti-inflammatory solution for pain, circulation problems, tissue damage and degenerative diseases like Autistic and ADD, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, poor circulation.

  • Shifa Oil helps to reduce the swelling, which is a result of inflammation of tissues and cartilages that have been injured.
  • Shifa Oil reduces inflammation and stimulates wound healing by acting as natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and, therefore, anti-inflammatory substance.
  • Shifa Oil helps to heal muscles by enhancing the transport of minerals across cell membranes to improve their absorption.
  • Shifa Oil is the only treatment for Peyronie’s disease where it softens the tissue of the penis.
  • Shifa Oil can also be used as a dietary supplement for improved brain function, including memory and concentration.
  • Shifa Oil beneficial muscle-building qualities in smooth and skeletal muscles within the body.
Application (Arthritis or painful joints)

- Clean the affected area with sprit
- Spray lavishly
- Do not rub or place a cloth over the sprayed area for minimum 5 minutes
- After 5 minutes lightly massage.
- It will sting a little on sensitive skin but of no consequence.

Other Applications

- For high blood pressure apply on both the calf after cleaning the area with spirit and leave it for minimum 5 minutes.
- For Migraine attack apply on the neck after cleaning the area with spirit and leave it for minimum 5 minutes.
- For easing asthma attack apply on the neck after cleaning the area with spirit or and leave it for minimum 5 minutes.

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